Welcome to Palm Springs

My newest screen print is inspired by a trip to this mid-century mecca and cacti paradise! I fell in love with Palm Springs when I was there and had to capture it! I created a surface pattern with lots of mid century architecture and varieties of cacti which I then selected a few elements from and created this composition. Screen printed by hand in 5 colours; pastel neon coral, mint, sky blue, teal and fine black outlines capturing the sun soaked feel! 

Screen printing!

So my new obsession is Screen printing! As a treat to myself I attended Print Club London's 'Deluxe' Workshop in January in which I produced a two layer tiger print, edition of ten, see the video below!

I have since become a Print Club member so that I can continue on using their facilities and making limited edition art prints! It is so great to break away from the computer and start mixing inks and learning something new!

So during my membership this month I've been working on a new five layer print called 'Explorer's Greenhouse' it imagines all the horticultural samples that may have been brought back by an explorer to their Victorian Hothouse as well as including some stuffed animals! See a slideshow of all 5 layers being built up below!

How To Grow Your Small Business

I guest wrote a blog post for Department Store which I thought I'd share here too:

You may already be at the stage where you've transformed your idea into a successful business venture or perhaps its still an idea floating at the back of your mind. Nevertheless, you're wondering what's next? Where do I go from here and how to I grow my business? Below we've spoken to illustrator, print designer and entrepreneur Jacqueline Colley who built her business into the wonderful studio it is today. Sharing her own experiences and advice, we find out top tips on how designers can grow and perhaps more importantly nurture their small businesses. 

P: What's a influential experience you've remembered in your career? 

J: 2 years ago I took part in UAL's Showcase at Pulse, the experience was really eye opening and led me to realise that I could sell my designs as products. This year I will be taking part in Pulse in May as a fully fledged exhibitor and I'm looking forward to learning a whole new set of lessons!

Could you give our readers some tips on how to grow their business? 

J: "Sure! Here's my list..

1. Take part in events, I regularly do markets which helps me find new customers, meet amazing people and open doors to collaborations. 

2. Social media, is a great way to connect with other creatives and learn from those ahead of you. Selling yourself the best way possible is key!

3. Collaborate, although this may be scary, just go for it. You have nothing to loose! Working with a like minded brand creates a new challenge and broadens your audience. 

4. Diversity. I've found that adapting my designs into different products helps grow my brand. 

5. Keep making new work, with everything else going on it can be hard to find the time but this is why I started my own business so one of my key motivations!" 

New Greeting Card Range

I decided to redesign my greeting card range from plain patterns to typographic pattern pieces! I've started off with a collection of 6 with a view to adding more or having another slightly different range! Let me know what you think in the comments and if you'd like to buy some they are available in my

Etsy Store

Work in Progress

I've been working on some new Riso print ideas, one is adapting my Sumatran tiger all over print for the riso format and the other was inspired by my growing collection of houseplants. Both are going to be laid out in a natural history style plate as before with my Marine life print. I'm really obsessed with the medium of Riso and adapting my designs for this unique format, I think I'm addicted!

Here is my initial drawings, about two thirds of the way through on each and mainly working out what the black separation will look like. I've now scanned them in and I'm going to work in Photoshop to decide where the colours should sit and overlay each other!

The stripy tape is because I'm working on A4 sheets stuck together!