The Darkroom

The Darkroom

 is totally out of this world, with unique, handcrafted and designed products from fashion to interiors. The shop is lusciously laid out leaving me drooling over each and every corner, how have I not discovered this place sooner…

Printed Men

I love the new trend for printed shirts on guys. For too long women ruled the roost when it comes to print but as demonstrated here with a double paisley guys can rock print too!

British Design at the V&A

I recently went to the V&A to check out the British design exhibition. I was really surprised by the breadth of the exhibits from ceramics to textiles to wallpapers as well as fashion and music. I was very pleased to see that they included this Homemaker plate from the 1950’s which I love as it so perfectly capture’s that period for me.

Fred Le Chevalier

Saw this guys work a few times in Paris and really liked the style as it’s so at odds with our typical expectations of graffiti. You can see more here.

Secret Cinema

I’ve not been to the Secret Cinema before, but nothing will stop me now! Probably one of the most original and exciting events I’ve ever been to in London, it was absolutely incredible. As you are unaware of what film you are attending it is an utterly magical experience to suddenly find yourself in post war Vienna, encountering criminals on the run, forlorn women and perplexed americans. Here is a couple of snaps:

Clapton Graffiti

I recently moved to Clapton and have been loving the local Graffiti it reminds me of Blu but with more colour, I’m not sure who the artist is but i’m a big fan and will keep an eye out for more.