2 years of Splash House

Splash house was a dream project to work on that I’m still not quite sure how I managed to land! But having them come back for a second year to revisit and expand on our initial ideas was so fun! So I thought I’d write a quick post to share the thought processes behind the designs! Below you can see the pattern I illustrated for 2018 with a road trip Americana theme:

2018 main pattern colouway idea

2018 main pattern colouway idea

2018 Final Pattern

2018 Final Pattern

This Americana poolside pattern was an expansion on an illustrated pattern that I’d already created. After visiting Palm Springs in 2016 I was so in love with the vibe of the place and really wanted to create a design that captured that! This concept was updated with all new drawings featuring motel signage for the festival’s three locations, pool floats and of course cacti. The after hours event had it’s own pattern inspired by it’s location: the Air Museum.

Below you can see the final artwork for August 2018 which was in a coral colour way.


For 2019 we wanted to revisit the same concept but make it anew! To do this we decided to create an Escher style continuous ‘architectural step’ landscape featuring my fave Cabazon Dinosaurs, more pool floats and iconic PS features like decorative concrete brick walls and colour pop doors!


June and August had different feels as we worked on creating different colour ways of the same illustration. Although there is less of a desert feel this time the print still really resonates Palm Springs and holiday vibes! Plus there is a couple of easter eggs hidden in there for people who know their house music, beyond me!